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NVBA Skills Development-

Bat Speed Program, Throwing Program, Diamond Development Program

NVBA offers a variety of different options for Skill Development during the off-season leading up to the baseball season.  With any of the programs offered here at NVBA, or anywhere for that matter, you will likely get out the program what you are willing to put into it.  Skill development is a process, and it typically takes a lot of focused, hard work and a high level of commitment and dedication.  Any of the programs that are part of what we call our Diamond Development Programs are designed for the serious athlete.  However, all of the introductory or general skills development programs are the foundation of the Diamond Development Programs.  In other words, the goal of all of the programs is exactly the same, to enhance and improve a particular set of skills.  And all of the drills and workouts used to help achieve that are pretty much the same as well.

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Bat Speed Program Features:

  • 6 or 12 Week Program meeting for 1 Hour, 1-2 times per week
  • Schedule Flexibility – Choose a Tuesday/Thursday enrollment or one that meets on Weekends only
  • Pre and Post Program testing and progress tracking
  • Workouts using drills designed to create and/or enhance an efficient swing, thus increasing bat speed
  • Drills utilizing weighted balls
  • Increase hand, wrist, and core strength
  • Ages 10 and Up
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Throwing Program Features:

  • 6 or 12 Week Program consisting of 1 hour sessions, 2 nights per week
  • Learn about long term arm care and how to continue that in the off-season
  • Learn the importance of and how to use Resistance Bands by following methods developed by Jaeger Sports
  • Learn why Long Toss may be the most important aspect of arm strength development and arm care
  • Introduction to the use of weighted ball throwing programs
  • Ages 10 and Up
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Diamond Development Program

  • Designed for the serious athlete looking for more intense, customized training programs
  • Featured training programs include training based on the Axe Bat Speed Training program powered by Driveline and the Driveline Throwing Program
  • Special Program/Membership Combos available to meet your needs
  • For more information on the Diamond Development Program click the link below
  • Contact NVBA Staff to see if your athlete is a candidate for this program(s)